Mango Soufflé

Mango Soufflé


From the Jungles of India, our Mango Soufflé endures in the driest climates and comforts skin all year long. Rich in oleic acid (omega 9), linoleic acid (omega 6/vitamin F) Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E allows for smoother firmer appearance. 2x the antioxidant power of an açaí berry 17x that of a pomegranate 8x more vitamin C then an orange. Indulge your skin in the ultimate moisturizing goodness while reaping the benefits of brightening and tightening. Our mango soufflé cares to heal the skin naturally and repair even the most sensitive skin. This high-performance moisturizer is wonderful for age-defying results with its ability to stimulate collagen and regenerate skin cells while retaining moisture to protect the skin barrier leaving it soft, plump and smooth!

For added benefits, apply to ends of hair to seal in moisture and strengthen.

Use a dime size and warm into palms of hands and apply. Enjoy anytime.

Follow with smoothing oil for the complete experience. EXPERIENCE IT NOW!

Expires 2 years after date of purchase

Please avoid if you have allergies to nuts.

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