Men's Mango Hempseed Soufflé

Men's Mango Hempseed Soufflé


Men’s Mango Hempseed Soufflé

ODESI’S Men’s Mango Hempseed Soufflé is all of the following essential skincare benefits: omega 3+6 fatty acids for healthy cells that share similar to those found naturally in our skin. It increases elasticity with Vitamin D slowing down the aging process. Sensitivities such as psoriasis and eczema result in the lack of omega 6 fatty acid whereas the Mango Hempseed Soufflé provides oxygen to the skin without any side affects such as thinning of the skin. It eliminates and prevents any rashes and acne prone skin often due to razor burn or extra sebum that often clogs pores. Now available more than ever...stuff is yummy goodness gentlemen!

This combination of mango butter, rice bran oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and hemp seed oil is the perfect all natural healing cream. Power packed with antioxidants, more powerful then Vitamin E, stimulates collagen production with elements that prevent and slow cell damage, boosts immunity & helps fight bacteria.

Omega 3, 6, & 9


Follow with Royal Oil for the complete experience.

Expires after 1 year date of purchase.

Please avoid if allergic to nuts.

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